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MoGuitar Blows The Roof Off DC'S TAVERN!!

If you were not at DC's Tavern in Hooksett on Saturday night you missed an excellent show. MoGuitar took the stage at 8:00pm and turned it on from the start. The band played a lot of great music through out the night and had people dancing,singing and even yelling all night. Normally MoGuitar is a power trio, Saturday night they had two guest players sitting in. Aaron Botelho joined the band on guitar and Howard Fohlin would join in on saxophone. The band kicked off the night with a great rendition of the Mike Dugan tune "Turn It On And Light It Up" which immediately had people dancing in their seats. About half way through the first set was "Bewitched" a song by Lonnie Brooks. Towards the end of the set they had the entire club singing "The Blues Is Alright" by Little Milton and they ended the set with "My Dogs Still Walking" by Smoking Joe Kubeck and B'nois King. The second set started with a rocking shuffle "Rock This House" which would coax some great jazzy licks out of guitarist Gordy Pettipas. Next up was "W-A-S-T-E-D", followed by a great cover of Tommy Castro's "Right As Rain". The band took a few minutes to pay a respectful homage to Luther Guitar Jr Johnson with a cover of "Every Woman Needs To Be Loved. They were blowing the roof off the club and things got wild with the last song of the set "Have Blues Will Travel" which had a clever twist that had the club screaming, literally. The louder they screamed the faster the song got, if they didn't scream the band would slow down. Drummer Garrett Cameron and bassist Mike Berkowitz held down a tight foundation as the rhythm section even at the speed the audience got the band up to by the end of the song. Set three would introduce some old favorites like, "Sharp Dressed Man"," Messing With The Kid", "Phone Booth", "Love Me Tonight" and "I'd Rather Be". The set ended with the original song "Misery", the guitar work during the outro solo of this was masterful to say the least. Filled with passion and an almost voice like scream at points when single note bends just soared. MoGuitar was proving to be a force to be reckoned with. The last set really brought out the power of this band with songs like "Walking By Myself", "Mail Order Mystics" and "Black Magic Woman" with the complete "Gypsy Queen" ending note for note. Next was a powerful version of "Double Trouble", this song shined light on the abilities of Pettipas to play some amazing slow blues reminiscent of "Sean Costello" or "Stevie Ray Vaughan" and we really got to hear the power of his vocals on this song also. The night would come to an end with Pettipas digging deep into the "Hendrix" playing style and performing relentless versions of both the Bob Dylan tune "All Along The Watchtower" and Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child". All in all it was a great night of music performed by a pro level band with immense talent. I highly recommend MoGuitar to anyone who loves live music. DC's Tavern was a great open room venue, with excellent food and service. Visit MoGuitar on Facebook:


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